MULLINS HAUS Rottweilers


      We are reputable and ethical in what we produce. Our dogs come from some of the best blood lines in the world, not just Germany.  Our dogs come from  great show and working lines from generations past, not just one good dog in the pedigree. They all have health certificates and come from good health lines. They are the  lines and the genetics to produce dogs that you can love for many years. They have great temperaments and clear heads that you can trust.  They are bred for anything from therapy dogs for the elderly to being great with children. We are honest enough say with each litter there will always be pet quality dogs bred. No litter can have just show quality pups because if that was the case then every one would own a show dog. We are trying to produce great dogs like every other ethical breeder. Our biggest goal is a correct and healthy dog for all to share. The puppies we breed are well socialized with children, adults, as well as other animals. Rottweilers have been in are family for over 20 years. We stand behind what we produce and we can help you acquire from other ethical breeders we are acquainted with. Our facilities and program allow us to work hands on with each puppy sold. This will make sure you get that perfect Rottweiler you’ve been looking for.

  Ethical breeder - boarding - training

Xamos vom Hause Edelstein

              VP 3

        9 months old


Braxon River vom Mullins Haus

At 4 months old


Puppies: 3 Males 2 Females

Dam: Braxon River Vom Mullins Haus

Sire: Xamos Vom Haus Edelstein

son of International Champion

     Uno Vom Haus Engel 


AKC Best of Winners Feb. 19, 2012 at 8 months old  




Xamos vom Hause Edelstein

Uno Vom haus Engel